Car Recruitment

About This Project

I first used Geonet for our second website about six years ago now and was very impressed with the service, the people involved, their passion for the job and the end result; a great website that helped our business start to expand within our multiple market places at that time. We have had upgrades and additional sites since 2008 some of which with a high degree of user functionality having to be built in due to the services we offer. For Geonet this has occasionally been a challenge, however they have always succeeded to deliver what we required in the end.

Now we are in 2014 with a totally rebuilt website including more functionality, improved design and a stronger focus on branding; after all it is our shop window. We are very pleased again with the end result and all credit to the entire team at Geonet, I think everyone must have been involved somewhere in this process and we have come to know them as part of our team. Their pricing is fair, their commitment is second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. Many thanks again Geonet!

Chris Watson